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Filipino Culture In Every Bite
Spoon & Rice is the fastest-growing Filipino Street Food in London, serving the best authentic Filipino cuisine with great hospitality. It is the only Filipino street food trader that is given the opportunity to share the culture with the myriad of people visiting Wembley and Camden.
Spoon & Rice has been a part of the group of traders in Boxpark Wembley since October 2020 and has ever since been committed to serving Filipino culture in every bite, even amidst the pandemic. Being its first flagship store, Spoon & Rice has reinvented its menu to bring to the table a one-of-a-kind Filipino food experience. Currently, Spoon & Rice continues to expand its horizons and will soon serve authentic Filipino culture in Camden. 
Drawing from a rich cultural history of colonisation with influences from Spanish, American, Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Western, and Pacific Islander, the Filipino food continues to pique the curiosity of many with its diversity of flavors, colors, and delicious aroma. It’s like having a full and colorful sensory experience with each meal.
Spoon & Rice is your ultimate food destination! It brings you a mouth-watering taste from the exotic islands of the Philippines. A meal that will take you back to your homeland – a meal that will surely keep you asking for more!
Spoon & Rice is the trading name of Comfort Food Services LTD.
Spoon & Rice is a proud member of the Nationwide Caterers Association.


Spoon & Rice aims to put Filipino cuisine on the world culinary map by serving Filipino culture in every bite. Bring a taste of the Philippines with you as Spoon & Rice serves you authentic Filipino food delivered with love.


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