Filipino Culture In Every Bite

As Filipinos, we take pride in our hospitality. Spoon & Rice is committed to building a friendly connection with our customers. Through fresh Filipino flavours, we want to create a deep sense of belonging and a ‘feel at home’ emotion as it is what Filipino hospitality is all about.

Our Filipino fusion street food are homemade with fresh ingredients and handmade to perfectly suit a multicultural palate.

You don’t want to miss our iconic special barbecue sauce! Our Filipino ADOBO and BBQs are beloved cultural favorites that go well beyond the street food label.



Boxpark Wembley is the gourmet street food destination of your dreams, right here in the heart of Wembley Park. Just a stone's throw from Wembley Stadium, BOXPARK Wembley has also become the ultimate fan park destination, with a 20,000 square foot dedicated events space, offering an immersive food, drink, and leisure experience. Visit Spoon & Rice at Unit 18, Boxpark Wembley, and experience Filipino Culture In Every Bite while enjoying a range of fun leisure activities such as axe throwing, virtual reality experience, and a ‘PlayBox’ area which is home to shuffleboard, table tennis, pool, and table football.  They also host a range of live screenings from sports events to reality TV shows.

Store Address: Unit 18, 18 Olympic Way, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 0JT, UK

Store Hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 21:30

BOXPARK Croydon is the first food and drinks-only development that has the look and feel of a modern-day Covent Garden Piazza for the 21st century. It is South London’s world-class destination, bringing communities together by providing the best street food, fine dining, refreshing drinks, and entertainment under one roof. Adjacent to the busy East Croydon train station, BOXPARK Croydon has an event space of over 20,000 square feet and a capacity of more than 2,000 people. Spoon & Rice raises the Filipino flag once again as it joins the evolution of the street food revolution in BOXPARK Croydon. Bringing Filipino hospitality and authentic Filipino flavours, Spoon & Rice is the best place-to-be in this retail-and-dining-as-entertainment development.

 Store Address: Unit 11, Boxpark Croydon, 99 George St, Croydon CR0 1LD, United Kingdom

Store Hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 21:30

Spoon & Rice continues to take the high road as we go the extra mile to make you smile! Serving Filipino culture in every bite, Spoon & Rice Willesden allows its customers to experience on-the-go food, exclusively offering its takeaway and delivery services, without compromising its high standard of quality.

Amidst the busy streets of Willesden – more popularly known for its long stretch of independent cafes, buzzing restaurants, shops and eateries, Spoon & Rice is sure to stand out among the huge variety of cultures all around with its diverse flavours, textures, spices and true taste of Filipino culture.

Store Address: 16 High Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2QG

Store Hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 21:30